IST Logistics – Driver Survey

Fuel efficient driving
Accident-free mileage
On-time delivery
Learning new skills
Minimizing cargo damage
Driver recruitment

Driving skills
Defensive driving
Fuel efficiency
Completing paperwork
Safety regulations
Injury prevention
Customer service
Company policies
Managing family issues

Getting you home when promised
Giving you enough time to complete your trips
Making sure your equipment is safe
Making sure your equipment is modern
Providing adequate safety training
Providing adequate training in new technologies
Providing a competitive income
Paying you on time
Offering job security
Rewarding strong performance
Meeting with you regularly

Asking your opinion
Treating you with respect
Following up on your concerns
Being fair to all drivers
Giving you credit for a job well done

Satisfied with current job

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As a growing multi-faceted company with corporate offices located in Hammond, Indiana, we offer logistics services throughout the United States and Canada.